03.rosa03 1200x400How do you sleep?
"You sleep under nice and fresh bedding, sheets with a crochet edge and in a good bed.

In a bedroom with soothing colors such as light pink, lavender blue and soft green.

In the room is drinking water and a vase flowers. "


Family Room

The character of the family room is rustic and typical Algarvian. It has two rooms and a bathroom that are connected. Ideal for a family. In the first room stands a double bed and in the second room are two single beds. In this room is also the possibility for a child cot. This room is suitable for 2 adults and 2 children (under 12 years) or 3 adults.

01. family room 200x125  02. family room 200x125  03. family room 200x125  04. family room 200x125 


Room Verde

This double room has a soft green color on the wall, a beautiful authentic mosaic floor and a poem by Cândido Guerreiro (he is a local poet) written on the bathroom wall. The room has twin beds that can either be separate or joined together.

01 Verde 200 125  02. verde room 200x125  02 Verde 200  04. verde room 200x125 


Room Rosa

It's a lovely, romantic double room in light pink colors. The twin beds are spread with beautiful sheets and a quilt of flower motif. This room has as all the other ones a private bathroom.

01. rosa room 200x125   02. rosa room 200x125 03. rosa room 200x125  04. rosa room 200x125 


Room Amarelo

In this light yellow double room are natural and traditional materials reused such as a coat rack made from branches and the mirror made of grandmother´s crockery. This room has a double bed.

01. amarelo room 200x125   02. amarelo room 200x125 03. amarelo room 200x125  04. amarelo room 200x125 


Room Azul

This beautiful lavender blue painted double room reflects peace and silence. The chandelier, wooden floor and the old photos make it very stylish. It has twin beds which are joined together. These beds have the length of 2.10m.

01. azul room 200x125  02. azul room 200x125  03. azul room 200x125   04. azul room 200x125


Extra facilities

• All rooms have doors and windows with mosquito nets

• Fan available

• Bed sizes up to 2.10m length

• Each bed- and bathroom has an electric heater


• Cleaning: once a week

• Towels: twice a week

• Bed linen: once a week

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