Walking week authentic Algarve in 7 days

From B&B Candelária the most beautiful walks are made and the enthusiasm for this is increasing. Since there is much to see in the vicinity of Monte Seco, we organize a walking week.

The walks will show you a wonderful image of the Algarve. The paths lead us along authentic villages where it seems as if time has stood still, cork plantations, viticulture and hunting areas.We enjoy the untouched nature and breath-taking views where obviously you will have time to take beautiful pictures.

Your guide will provide you during the walks from all information of the Portugese life, way of living, work, nature and more.

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Portugese lesson

After Chinese, English and Spanish is Portugese the most spoken language, 250 million people speak Portugese. In the 15th and 16th centuries was Portugal an empire by the voyages of discovery that started in Ceuta (Morocco) up to Brazil and India. In many former colonies still today Portugese is spoken; Cape Verde Islands, São Tomé, Angola, Mozambique, Macau and East Timor.

More and more people discover Portugal and get interest in the country, the culture and the language. Do you want to learn or improve your knowledge of the Portugese language than you can combine this with a delightful stay in B&B Candelária.  All lessons are specially made for you by Sofia Morais. She has many years of experience as a teacher.


Bird watching

Throughout the year (except June, July and August) we organize tours with guide for bird watching in small wetlands, here in Monte Seco, that are the refuge to thousands of waterfowl, such as the Little Bittern, Spoonbill, Cayman, Kingfisher, Marsh Harrier and the Red-crested Pochard.

The tour is in the morning and lasts for 4 hours. We provide binoculars and telescope.

The price is 80€.

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